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Random draw API
We have launched an enterprise grade random draw API that lets you offload entry capture and conduct frequent regular draws, e.g. hourly draws. Additionally it has many additional features, e.g. limiting entry per entrant or per period (hour, day, etc.). More info:

8 Apr 2020

Random draw - new feature - anonymous draws II
If you have privacy or security concerns, you can now conduct truly anonymous draws without even uploading a file. Simply create a ticket/counter for each of your entrants and then conduct a draw with the same number of entrants. Winners can then be cross referenced to your data set.

17 Dec 2019

Random draw - new features
We've rolled out new functionality to make self-management of your random prize/sweepstake draws easier and more flexible:

- Draw re-scheduling
- Cancel draws and get a credit
- Set draw timezone
- Dynamic countdown timer

24 Jul 2019

System upgrade: throughput
Our developers have optimised system performance of our Instant Win API - it can now handle 50 transactions / API calls per second.

29 May 2019

Compliance with SA regulations - Australia
When running a national competition ensure the prize draw tool you use is pre-approved and registered in South Australia. This is important even when you don't need a permit in SA.

6 Feb 2019

Which file format?
Our system accepts CSV, TXT and TSV file formats. Why?

It is easy to parse more modern formats like XLS, ODS, etc, however these create a number of risks/issues:

- hidden data: rows and columns may be hidden
- multiple tabs: which tab is the entry data in?
- display limitations, e.g. Excel currently only allows 1,048,576 rows

For these reasons and more, our system only accepts pure text based formats to ensure that the draws are complete, accurate and transparent.

16 Nov 2018

System upgrade: maximum entries and prizes increased
Our developers have optimised system performance and we now allow up to 20 million entries and 1 million winners for each random draw. No additional cost.

6 Jul 2018

Keeping Records
Did you know that you need to keep records of the draw in order to be compliant? Each jurisdiction has differing requirements, but it is generally appropriate to maintain the draw records (lists of entries, winners, scrutineer sign-off, etc.) for at least 12 months, sometimes 3+ years.

Our system, automatically stores the uploaded entries, winners and other important draw details (time/date, IP address, etc.), as well as generating a certificate.

13 Apr 2018

Anonymous Draws
If you have legal requirements or security concerns, you can conduct an anonymous random draw by removing all personally identifying info from each row. For instance, upload only the row ID numbers or some other unique identifier which you can match with your records after the draw. This means that none of your private data will ever be uploaded or stored.

08 Jan 2018

Instant Win API™ launched
We have recently launched Instant Win API™,

It is an API that uses a randomised time-based mechanism to ensure your prizes will be distributed smoothly across the promotional period, regardless of how many prizes are available or how many entries you receive. If you want lightning fast winner selection for your next competition/promotion and to save time, development and testing costs, request access now.

04 Sep 2017

Need to do a sweepstake draw / prize draw at midnight or on a weekend?
No problem :) All you need to do is upload the entrants, enter the prizes, quantities and schedule the draw. Our system will perform the draw at the precise time you schedule and will send you a notification email when complete.

28 Jun 2017

Overview of Australian electronic random draw requirements
Video highlighting that electronic random draws in Australia require the use of an approved system in some states, notably SA and NSW.

16 May 2017

Reserve Winners of Prizes
Sometimes the winners of competitions may be invalid (eg invalid contact details or ineligible entrant). Rather than necessitating a re-draw, it is a good idea to draw some "reserve winners" during your initial draw for each of your prizes. That way, if any winner is invalid, you can award the prize to a reserve winner without having to do another draw.™ allows you to have up to 10,000 winners from 10 million entries for a flat price.

21 Apr 2017

True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) vs Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs)
TRNGs use an unpredictable physical means to generate random numbers, e.g. measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum, atmospheric noise, etc.

PRNGs use mathematical algorithms to generate random number, i.e. they are computer generated.

Our RNG and RSG (random sequence generators) can optionally tap into one of two quantum number generators and utilise quantum based true random seeds. Our fallback is the cryptographically secure MSCryptoAPI.

Image: Schrodinger's Equation - you may have heard about his cat :)

24 Feb 2017

Two new free tools now live:
(1) Random sequence generator (RSG)

(2) Random number generator (RNG)
Options for: uniqueness, grouping duplicates, quantum true random seed and ordering

10 Nov 2016™ has been featured in Lawyers Weekly
Lawyers Weekly is the authoritative source of independent news, analysis and opinion about the practice of law in Australia.

02 Sep 2016™ featured in Radio Info
We have recently been featured in Radio Info​, a leading website for radio industry broadcast professionals.

11 Aug 2016

Government approval / certification
The™ electronic random draw system has been reviewed and certified by the government of South Australia. This certification makes it compliant for all electronic random draws in Australia.

05 Aug 2016